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Freedom to manage your health

ManageMyHealth™ gives you the freedom to manage your health needs and that of your family anytime, anywhere either on your computer or via the Phone App

How to Register

You must be registered first before you can activate your account.

Download and print the Consent Form here Please fill in your name and email address, sign and date it.  You can then email this back to us at or drop it into our letterbox.

Please read the Terms & Conditions here

We will do the activation for you.  Remember to download the Phone App

Access and maintain medical records

ManageMyHealth™ allows you to access your medical records and view medical conditions, lab results, immunisation records, allergies, prescriptions and share health information as required with other healthcare providers.

It provides you with online tools to improve your health and track your progress online.

Benefits of ManageMyHealth™

Empowering for Health & Wellness
ManageMyHealth™ is an efficient way to control and manage your health and that of your family. Even if you don’t see your doctor often, ManageMyHealth™ can help you to stay on top of your health and wellbeing.


Use ManageMyHealth™ services such as booking online appointments, secure messaging, viewing lab results, ordering repeat prescriptions and communicate securely with your doctor.


Access and control your health information within your secure Personal Health Account.


Giving you an active role through communication tools and access to your health information in decisions relating to your health and wellbeing.

Stay on Track

Stay on track of your health with appointment reminders and recalls.

Up to Date

Up to date and relevant health content which relates to your condition and concerns, newsletters, health categories

Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind if you require emergency medical assistance, important medical information is accessible to emergency providers.

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