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We look forward to assisting you with your health requirements to help you to stay well during your travel and upon your return. This service is only available to patients who are enrolled with us, Please fill out the attached form (one per person) including all details requested, especially past vaccination history. Without this information we will not be able to provide you with accurate advice for your trip, and you may be advised to have vaccinations, which may not be necessary.

Please return the completed questionnaire to Reception along with a fee of $50 per person (or maximum of $100 per family).  This fee covers your initial consultation.  Individual vaccinations that may be required are charged separately.  Your questionnaire will be processed as soon as possible by our Travel Nurse and she will contact you to arrange an appropriate appointment. In some situations it may be necessary for you to see the nurse as well as the doctor. The nurse will advise you of this at the time.

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